PRibuMI...'s Warranty

Welcome to the world of PRibuMI...® - the finest local brand of an exclusive handbag and footwear made from Indonesian fabrics. Since our founding in 2011, PRibuMI...® has been dedicated to providing our customers with an outstanding ownership experience. Specifically, we make three commitments to our customers:

  • You will enjoy using our innovative products that are designed and manufactured to be the best;
  • You will experience best, after-sales customer service;
  • For two (2) years after you purchase a PRibuMI...® product from PRibuMI...® online store or Partner, you will be covered by our Limited Warranty.
PRibuMI...®'s warranty extends to the original owner; it is straightforward and comprehensive, and just part of the total PRibuMI...® ownership experience.

Two Years Coverage: You're Covered for Defects

For the first two years that you own your PRibuMI...® product, we will repair any items that are defective in materials or workmanship, (for a nominal processing fee), including any structural defects (such as defective handles, zippers, or locks). We will not cover damage resulting from wear and tear that is not the result of defects in materials or workmanship. Other damages not covered are damage resulting from abuse, cosmetic damage (such as scratched leather or stained fabrics) and incidental or consequential damages, such as damage to or loss of the contents of a bag, loss of use, loss of time, or similar expenses.

Your only responsibility is to ship your bag to us for repair, postage paid, or take it to a  PRibuMI...®'s Gallery or authorized  PRibuMI...®'s  Partner, who will be happy to process the repair for a nominal processing fee.  We will repair the item quickly and ship it back at no additional cost to you. In those cases where our warranty does not apply, we will promptly provide you with an estimate of any repair and return shipping costs that may be involved.

Total Commitment

At PRibuMI...® , we are totally committed to keeping you happy about our products and our service. Once you have had the pleasure of owning and using our products, we hope that they will become your trusted companions for life. You can reach us online, 24 hours a day, seven days a week at

Authenticity Card

Please save your Authenticity Card as proof of purchase. This will be needed to demonstrate your warranty coverage. Our Two Years Limited Warranty only applies to products that were purchased from PRibuMI...® online store or an authorized  PRibuMI...®'s Partner.

Proud as PRibuMI...®