Posted on July 07, 2015

Why PRibuMI...®?

The different ways of writing the "PRibuMI...®" (Indonesian natives). If you look closer, the lowercase part says “ibu” (eg: mother). Means that all of PRibuMI...®’s products created with love, like an infinite true love from mother to her and always give the best for hers . :)

And “buMI” which in English means Earth, we (especially I) feel like we should keep our self humble, like many people said, “Down to Earth”.

So that’s the story of the name of  “PRibuMI...®”. Hope this note clarified all the thoughts about racism. The point is, "PRibuMI...®" is just the name of a brand that used to label that has been registered in the “Departemen HAKI” (Intellectual Property Rights Department) for these beautiful products that created by combining Indonesia Traditional cloths/fabrics with high quality material of premium leather.

At the end, hope that PRibuMI...® will always be innovative and be accepted in our customers’ hearts

Proud as PRibuMI...®