Posted on July 07, 2015

How to Take Care of your PRibuMI...® 's Handbags

Thank you for choosing PRibuMI...® Handbags.
In order for your Batik Handbag to look as beautiful as the first time you owned it, please make sure you read the following maintenance instructions:

  • Handbags using "Antique Batik" will usually be more sensitive and fragile compared to those using New Batik. This is because in addition to different basic materials, it is also more due to age-related factor of the antique batik itself, therefore extra care of your antique batik handbag is highly required.
  • As always, do not forget to always clean the bag first after use
  • Please always check if there are persisting stains left on your handbag, if so, immediately, without delay, clean the handbag by slowly rubbing your batik handbag with a used toothbrush while applying liquid soap on the stained section (only on the batik and not recommended on the leather part; it is only sufficient to clean the leather part with smooth-textured cloth soaked in warm water). Afterwards, do not immediately put the bag into the dust bag, but rather expose it to the air or use hairdryer on the wet section.
  • In order to maintain and ensure that the bag is still in original form, it is recommended to keep your handbag filled with soft perca cloth or plain paper. If bag is used everyday, this kind of storage must be repeated at least once in 6 months to maintain the handbag’s original form.
  • As for lambskin material or suede cloth, use a small smooth paintbrush on surface the handbag making it free from dust particles.
  • It is very important to clean it once a week to preventing dust from accumulating in the bag
  • Do not hang it with rope, it is best to put it on the shelf. Hanging the bag will cause pressure or pulling on the bag handle, which will cause faster damage.
  • Do not let leather bag be exposed to direct sunlight, as it will fade its beauty; tarnishing the colour and decreasing leather smoothness, leaving your bag to be stiff and dry.
  • Place the bag into the dust bag allowing the air to flow, do not put the bag into plastic bag, as it will cause moisture causing entire damage to the bag
  • Keep away your Bag from sharp objects
  • If necessary, bring your bag to special place that provides handbag maintenance service

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