The Story

It all started in 2011, when PRibuMI...® was formed and grew up to be an authentic brand that fully represent the exotic of Indonesia textiles by creating a product line-up that consist of exclusive handbags, footwear and small leather goods to their product line-up.

PRibuMI...® products are created by combining Indonesia Traditional cloths: Batik and Indonesian weaving cloth (songket, ulos, ikat, and many more) with high quality material of premium leather. All PRibuMI...® products go through an intricate process, made with premium materials so they can be worn with pride.

To stay true to its quality and exclusivity, PRibuMI...® collaborates with traditional textiles maestros and artist as well as the best suppliers in this country. Each components of PRibuMI...® has its own signature. Uniquely and exclusively made for PRibuMI...® only.

To give the best service to the customers, PRibuMI...® offers her products with Certification of Authentic Card, Unique Serial Number, 2 years Warranty and Life Time After Sales Service as the excellence of PRibuMI...®

PRibuMI...® invents all of its fashion products with PRIDE, CONFIDENT & LIFESTYLE

Proud as PRibuMI...®